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Welcome to our Website of Hatha Yoga, an ancient practice that is becoming increasingly prevalent in our Western culture.

With Hatha Yoga, you will learn about Asanas postures and their benefits, through exercises, relaxation and breathing with the most important techniques developed by the Yogis over time.

Hatta Yoga is one of the paths of yoga best known to the West: helping to be at one with body and mind, harmonizing them and putting them at the service of the spirit.

Yoga gives as a result the union of the individual soul with the divine, the perception that the self is spiritual and not material, and helps in giving a good alignment of the physical and mental aspects of life.

Many kinds of Yoga encourage you to enjoy classes outdoors, surrounded by nature and silence. With it we will stretch the muscles, draining and oxygenating tissues, improving and maintaining health while becoming aware of our body.

Weather practicing for the first time or a returning as a seasoned expert, with Hatha Yoga, each level will explore what happens inside, both physically and mentally.


Come and enjoy an outdoor yoga class in the fresh air surrounded by nature and tranquility (o silence).
Practising yoga will allow us to stretch muscles and boost oxygen to soft tissue, improving and maintaining your health making us conscious of our body.
Wether a beginner or experienced, every individual will discover their own internal feelings.

Individual Classes


Group Classes

Duration: 60 minutes

Groups: 1 – 20 people

    Mind, body and soul…

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