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Inés Quintana

Inés Quintana, its founder, achieved her title as Yoga instructor in 2013 in International School of Yoga, Madrid.

In May 2014, she took a course in specialization IOSURF/FE as a Surf instructor of Stand Up Paddle Surf 2014 in Altea, Alicante. IOSUP is the organization that, along with the Spanish Surf Federation, gives the programs of Sup Training.

Ines believes that the key to a long Healthy lifestyle is the integration of a good diet, exercise and a balanced mental health.

Her passion is to help people, and her love for outdoor exercising (specially in water) is what inspired her to show her real potential.

Shara Hernandez

She was born in Valladolid but her heart loves Madrid as much as Amsterdam.

Her biggest passions are traveling and yoga which give her knowledge, good sense and make her a stronger person.

During ten years she focused her carrier as a business woman in a busy environment in a city, however she decided to change her career path and travel to India to connect with a more relaxing and spiritual life style.

Bikramyoga yoga was the opener to the Yoga learning and practice. She had learned and experienced Yoga with different teachers experiencing Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa, Rocket, Asthanga, Jivamukti and Yin Yoga.

In 2018 she graduated as a Yoga teacher RYT200h through Yoga Aliance School in India and 50 hours certification on YinYoga at the Carolina Drake School in Madrid.

«My beginning as a Yoga teacher was at the most professional, friendly and welcoming school I could ever imagine, the SupYoga Ibiza School in Cala Vadella. Ines, a delightful person and whom I have a wonderful friendship with, gave me the opportunity to start this incredible journey.

During my SUP Yoga lessons I teach a mix of Vinyasa Flow with a touch of very diversity sequences, lacing up meditation on a continuous movement to be able to work on it».

Yoga has helped me to grow my self- knowledge and to learn how to overcome life, that is why I love to inspire other people to find the path of peace and happiness with this tools that give as calm, balance and positive energy.

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Vicky Canellas

Vicky Canellas has worked as a professional dancer nationally and internationally, which led her to the United States, where she took her first yoga class, discovering its benefits physical but, above all, a world of practices and teachings that connected with her passion and curiosity for spiritual growth and personal development.

Before practicing yoga, she practiced and studied dance therapy, meditation, Healing Feeling Ayurveda massage and reiki, until she decided in 2012 to study 200 hours of YTT of Raja Yoga in India (Himalayan Yoga Institute, recognized by Yoga Alliance). Over time, her practice gradually turning towards Vinyasa Yoga, attracted by its fluidity and freedom of movement so similar to dance. She has taken courses, workshops and classes with internationally recognized teachers such as Shiva Rea or Mercedes Sieff, with whom she shares the vinyasa style as a source of self-listening through a more danced, intuitive and creative movement.

For her, the movement, executed consciously and meditatively, is a direct way to connect with our stillness and inner wisdom, with our true spiritual nature.

«When Ines invited me to teach SUP Yoga classes at her School, I discovered a new element to add to the practice of yoga, such as Nature and its elements.The sea invites us to get in touch with our own rhythm, to give ourselves to the body´s movement in a conscious and creative way, just as the waves of the sea rock us, relax and fill us with life. Our breathing also guides us in our own rhythm and movement. Both, in the practice of yoga and in life if we know how to listen and surrender to its wisdom.

I will always be grateful to Inés for introducing me to SUP Yoga and her wonderful School in Cala Vadella. It is a magical experience».


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Paskale Fagundes

I am a very simple and happy person, in love with life, let ́s say the life style I have created, born in Brazil, although I am living in Spain for more than 10 years.

Passionate about traveling, learning about cultures, languages, gastronomy from different parts of the world, I recognize that the deepest journey for me is the journey within, towards self-knowledge.

I have always loved a healthy life and sports in general, I started as a child with classical ballet and contemporary dance.

Throughout in my life I practiced many different sports but YOGA was the one I really got into, it was like a one-way trip from which I will never return.

In Valencia where I started my first steps towards the path of yoga, in a school called India Yoga. There, in addition to practicing asanas (postures), we sang mantras, meditated, and celebrated rituals like holi, the day of the Indus gods. Waking me up to the dream of going to India and living the experience in the cradle of yoga.

Feeling many benefits of the practice on my skin, I was motivated to become a yoga teacher.

In 2019 I obtained the certification as a Yoga Teacher RYT200h by Yoga
Aliance – Rishikul Yogshala in India, 50h and YinYoga and teacher training for Xuan Lan.

In Ibiza life has smiled on me and I was lucky enough to work as a SUP YOGA instructor with Inés, who today has become a great friend, this experience has been magical, because I had the opportunity to combine yoga with many elements of nature like water, sun, wind and connecting with the waves of the sea. All this together is an awakening of the body, the mind and the senses, besides being a hilarious experience it has a challenging touch.


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Aiste Anandi

Hi, I’m Aiste Anandi, a Lithuanian native, having moved to Ibiza in 2018. I am women’s yoga and wellness coach and I’m so looking forward to connect you with the water element inside and outside of your body temple.

I am teaching yoga for 8 years but woman’s well-being practices was a real homecoming. As I immersed myself in studying different traditions, I found a deep sense of connection with Tantra, Feminine Dao, Woman’s Yoga and Jung’s Female Archetypes.

I do not pretend to be enlightened, spiritually advanced, or complete in my learning. I consider myself a fabulous work in progress.

I am a person like you, learning, growing, laughing, and crying. I make mistakes. I step on people’s toes. I get caught in fear and self-doubt. I still take things personally. sometimes I feel invincible, sometimes I feel fragile and vulnerable. I honor and cherish all these parts of myself – even the ones I don’t like so much.

I hope after meeting with me, you will also love your mistakes, laugh at your fears, have faith in yourself, and feel the rich support.

I would be excited to be on this journey with you, a journey of claiming your power and embracing your divine feminine goddess greatness during the SUP Yoga classes…

See you on board!


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Susana Montes López

Susana is an instructor in different techniques and she is dedicated to sports and healthy living since 2005.
Her first training was Pilates Floor, in 2005 at the Orthos School in Valencia. Her second training was Pilates Reformer, this certificate was carried out at El Centro Tu Tempo in Valencia. She continued her development as a personal trainer in various spinning techniques, pum, gap techniques…
In 2018 is when she takes the Yoga Course at the Aptavital Sport Center in Valencia and specialized in Vinyasa flower at El Centro Magister and Yogaflow.
She introduces in her classes the mixture of Yoga and Pilates. These two techniques together changed her life and her way of teaching classes for both adults and children.
In 2020 she was qualified as a therapist of LNT physical and emotional sanction therapy.
«Currently I work as a SUP Yoga instructor at this SUP Yoga center in Ibiza teaching yoga-pilates on the Paddle Surf boards and on the water, and applying LNT therapy in relaxation âsanas leading to moments of peace and happiness»

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